Important information:

We would like to inform you that we have decided that we will no longer manufacture gluten-free Barleycup from May 2018.

This does not affect any Barleycup products currently on sale with the Crossed Grain symbol displayed on pack. But once stocks of the gluten-free Barleycup products are sold out, they will be replaced on shelf with Barleycup that is no longer gluten free.

The new range of Barleycup products have a new brand look and feel, as shown here that  and do not have the Crossed Grain symbol on pack and therefore are not gluten-free.

This decision has been taken after much consideration and we apologise to those customers who we know have bought and enjoyed Barleycup as part of their gluten-free diet.

Please be assured that Barleycup products which are still available instore, and have the Crossed Grain symbol on the packaging, are gluten-free and are certified by Coeliac UK

(see the Certificate)

Tests of Barleycup products performed by an accredited laboratory can be found here: see test results: [1][2], [3], [4]

(The EU regulation on food safety defines the permissible gluten level for a product to be labelled ‘gluten-free’ to be 20mg/kg or less.)